Portfolio Manager

Charles de Vaulx

Charles de Vaulx Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager

Securities Analysts

Thibaut Pizenberg

Thibaut Pizenberg Securities Analyst

Adam Ackerman

Adam Ackerman, CFA Securities Analyst

Maureen Levelis

Maureen Levelis, CFA Securities Analyst

Benjamin Mellman

Benjamin Mellman Securities Analyst

Jonah Stowe

Jonah Stowe Securities Analyst

Hyunjae (HJ) Lee, CFA

Hyunjae (HJ) Lee, CFA Securities Analyst

Patrick Jamgocian, CFA

Patrick Jamgocian, CFA Securities Analyst

Research Associate

Sachiko Strickland

Sachiko Strickland Research Associate


Joseph Greco

Joseph Greco Head of Global Trading

Christopher Stone

Christopher Stone Senior Trader

Daniel Norup

Daniel Norup, CFA Trader

Ken Caccavale, CFA

Ken Caccavale, CFA Trader


Michael W. Malafronte

Michael W. Malafronte Managing Partner & President of IVA Funds

Shanda Scibilia

Shanda Scibilia Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer & Secretary of IVA Funds

Stefanie Hempstead

Stefanie Hempstead Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer of IVA Funds

Chris Hine

Chris Hine Director of Accounting & Assistant Treasurer of IVA Funds

Philip Coniglio

Philip Coniglio Chief Information Security Officer, Director of Fund Operations & Assistant Secretary of IVA Funds

IVA Funds Marketing

Tara Hannigan

Tara Hannigan Director of Mutual Fund Distribution

Gerald P. Iorio

Gerald P. Iorio Regional Director

Cara Brasor

Cara Brasor Regional Director

Florbela D. Mendez

Florbela D. Mendez Regional Director

Steve Cassens

Steve Cassens Regional Associate

Institutional Marketing

Nadia Paselsky

Nadia Paselsky Director of Global Institutional Sales